Star Dancer: Reunions

by John R. Plunkett

I tried desperately hard to come up with a sequel to Star Dancer. I came up with tons of ideas, but none of them ever worked out. Now I finally realize the problem: the scenes I envisioned were parts of a story, but not a story in themselves. I needeed a central narrative theme to tie them all together. And now... there's a story.


Story and characters unless otherwise noted:  ©2008 John R. Plunkett
The planet Chakona, its environs, the Chakat race, and Leanna:  ©1999 Bernard Doove
The Skunktaur race and such information as pertains to them:  ©1999 Bob Reijns
Skip Matheson and Liska Sharpears based on characters that are:  ©1999 Richard T. Matheson
Kevin Dye and Renata Fayre based on characters that are:  ©1997 Thomas K. Dye
Keith Walker, Dawnfire, Swiftsure, Sundown, Nightshade, Mayfurr, Ranthe Narbalek, and the Isaac Asimov ©1996 Terry Knight
Admiral Kline:  ©1996 Boyce Garald Kline Jr.


Sex:  Full nudity, mild depictions of coitus
Violence:  Graphic depictions of murder
Language:  Moderate swearing, some hate speech

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 *Not yet available*

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