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Social and Political standings of the Skunktaur.

Skunktaur roles in society.

From go, Skunktaurs were designed for adaptability and work. Over time, an instinctive fondness for activity has formed in the Skunktaurs and they will alway strive to put their knowledge to good use, be it in a laboratory or one of the Archipelago's work-stations. Even in their spare time, they still are active, looking for hiking vacations and the like, or rigorously engaging in sports. They aren't serious in everything they do, but doubly so in their chosen vocation, and any spare time activity is also pursued to the maximum.

Though almost as intelligent as Chakat, they tend not to choose laboratory and research work, preferring to get into the field as soon as they graduate. Though it will be a Chakat who'll usually invent and perfect new technological breakthroughs, it will more often than not be a Skunktaur to actually build the prototype, field test and point out possible problems for the Chakat scientist to overcome. It is a rumour that a Chakat and Skunktaur team combined matter production and transporter technology to create a device that could be called a Transmogrifier. After a couple of tests, it is said that they destroyed the device and all traces that it had ever existed. Also, all known forms of the original Replicator and Transporter were adjusted so that no second version of this object could ever be made; it was simply too dangerous to be available already. Maybe in the future, but not yet.

Because of their immense hands-on knowledge, Starship Captains are usually very fond of having a Skunktaur as their Chief Technician. At least they won't give them any "if I'll push her any further, she'll blow" crap. An engine looked after by a Skunktaur can provide all the power it needs to, and if it can't, the Skunktaur will call in the Chief Engineer (most often a Chakat) and together they'll adjust it so it will.

Telepaths are often looked to for Ambassadorial functions, able to gauge their adversary's feelings and sometimes thoughts. It's nice to know when you're being lied to or not.

Astral Travellers are known to scout ahead of landing parties, to look for a suitable place to land, and to look for possible problems in case of hostile races.

And Telekineticists are, for instance, able to repair hull breaches in outer space, as long as they have a clear view of the tools they need and the area that needs repairs. Often, they team up with an Astral Traveller, a Telepath and one or two Chakats, to project themselves to the site and telekinetically repair the damage, using telepathy to communicate. This means the ship doesn't need to land for emergency repairs, doesn't need to put crew out on a dangerous spacewalk, and it can be performed during battle, as long as the physical bodies of the team are kept safe while they are "out".

A Skunktaur Team always consists of one Telepath, one Telekineticist, and one Astral Traveller, so each is able to use all three powers. Teams are very close, and more often than not, very intimate. They trust each other without question. Often a Chakat joins a team and shares the bond. Not just the empathic one, but also in intimacy and trust. A real team stays for life, the members eventually become each other's lifemates, sometimes even including the Chakat. Their children, however, do not join each other in a team automatically. This is logical, because if the lineage keeps joining same teams and forming life-long bonds, no genetic diversity will ever occur. Also a Skunktaur isn't forced into joining a team; sometimes they never join one.

A Shift on the other hand is composed of at least two teams and can comprise of up to five. Shifts are not as close as teams as they are frequently changed to suit the job, or disbanded if their assigned task is over. Lone Skunktaurs are also known to join shifts if their presence is needed.

There are no altered social dealings with Skunktaurs who do not join teams, since all are regarded as equal "brothers". And while they do not join a team, the Skunktaurs still find themselves a vocation that suits them. As noted, a Skunktaur that sits still for over five or more minutes is either sick or asleep.

The typical day on the Archipelago starts at about 7:30 when the Skunktaurs wake up and groom themselves, after that they all pitch in for making breakfast. Guests are generally left undisturbed until breakfast is actually being served, a good hour after they wake up. This is a common courtesy, since most of their guests aren't prone to waking up so early. Afterwards they go on their daily duties, work and school starting at 10:00. They tend to take a 30 minute break after every 2 hours of work so as to keep energy levels up through regular eating. Work ends at 17:00, school at 15:00. Young Skunktaurs receive an extended education to learn how to use their powers and put them to good, responsible use. Dinner at 18:00 and after that there is time for leisure. The children tend to go about sports or some other activity until it is time to eat. Bedtime is early, 21:00 is usually lights out, since they need plenty of sleep. Guests are left to their own time.
After a five-day work-week, there is a two day weekend, conforming to usual time schedules.

Aside from the usual holidays and vacations, there is only one real other festivity for which Skunktaurs take the day off. It's a three-day festival on Januray 15th in which they thank and honour the Chakats for their freedom and is kept on the day the final Skunktaur was set free from slavery. There is a large, well-organised feast and anyone is invited. The major festivities centre on the Skunktaur Archipelago but, everywhere throughout the galaxy, Skunktaurs congregate and throw a massive celebration. People and Morphs alike try their best to participate in the party on the Archipelago as it is something you won't easily forget, and Skunktaurs always try to go "Home" for the occasion.

Political and Social Structure.

Since the Skunktaur race makes it's home on Chakona, they conform to it's government and rules. The current seat of Representatives for the Skunktaur Archiplelago is located in the City called New Bletchley, the 'ruling capitol' of the Archipelago.

More about the Archipelago and a map will be added soon ((Under heavy construction)).

For more information on Chakonan Government see An introduction to Chakats by Bernard Doove, and specifically the chapter Political and Social Structure of Chakona.

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